Many Jews see the shul as the central institution in Jewish life, but Halacha states
that constructing a mikvah takes precedence even over building a shul. Both a
shul and a Sefer Torah may be sold to raise funds for building a mikvah. In fact,
in the eyes of our Sages, Jewish families living together only attain the status of
“community” once they have a communal mikvah.


key to our future

As the North Shore Jewish community continues to grow, the need for a Mikvah becomes increasingly urgent. The “North Shore Mikvah” will fill a gaping void in our Jewish community with a state-of-the-art facility, and facilitate the observance of this spiritual and timeless mitzvah in a modern spa like environment. With the incredible growth of our community comes an awesome responsibility to address its spiritual needs. Your generous donation to the North Shore Mikvah Campaign will help us meet that sacred obligation, now and for generations to come.